Sol#29 Spring Break 🌸

Today is the last day of school intill spring break. My dad said we could go to Dave In Busters or something else. My mom is going to start planting flowers and fruit she said we will never have to go to the grocery store I didn’t believe that. After spring break we are going to start testing. I wished we had school off for Easter.

Well that’s my blog.

Sol#27 Hat Day

Today is Hat Day I brought a hat but I might not wear it because if I take the hat off my hair is going to be a mess so I might wear it but I can’t take it off. If I take it off it we’ll be crazy hair day all over again. I seen some cool hats one person had a bird hat. Well that’s my blog.

Sol#26 Strange noises 😟

Last couple of days I’ve been hearing strange noises coming from the boiler  room. The noise sounds like a animal is stanching the boiler. In the middle of the night it woke me I was like again why is this noise always happening. I know people are going to say don’t go down stairs to find out what that is but I did. So I went downstairs the lights weren’t working for some reason I went in the room tried the power box it wasn’t working I grabbed my dads best flashlight I went to wha it was and there was nothing I was like I came down here for nothing there is not even a raccoon… A screw driver feel on the ground it made me jump so high and I ran out that room I ran riggt by the bar and I stepped on glass I took the glass out my foot it hurt so bad like someone was cutting you with a knife I tried not to scream. I fixed it up it doesn’t really hurt when you walk on it I thought it was going to hurt but when jump it hurts.

Well that’s my blog.

Sol# 25 Late night

Last night was fun. I went to my grandma’s house. Me and my aunts went to the store and bought some snacks. Then we watched Avengers. Then it got very boring then I seen it was SS dog’s birthday I told her to tell happy birthday. Then SS and me stared texting because it got so boring we started fighting about a Star wars fight that happened. She won’t say that I won we still don’t have a winner I totally won. The I found SS old tik tok account she said not to tell anyone the username I said I promise not to tell anyone it’s going to be hard to keep that promise.

Well that’s my blog.

Sol#23 Haunted

This morning was weird because I woke at 4 o’clock because I heard a noise coming from my basement. So I went down there I wasn’t really scared because I knew our house isn’t haunted. So when I went down there I noticed there was a lot a mess like we just got robed. There was toys every where all the lights were on then I was thinking about what if our house really is haunted. I didn’t want to tell my parents because if they knew they would tell everyone. So I cleaned the mess before my mom came down. When I went to the bathroom… There was writing on the wall like a baby drew it. I had to wipe the walls it took forever. I hope I find out what the heck that is.


Sol#22 My favorite breakfast 🥞

The 2 breakfast 🥞 I love is pancakes with some whip cream and fruit 🍓. I also love waffles with whip cream and fruit when I was little my mom bought a waffle maker that is shaped like olaf from Frozen I was laughing when she got this for me. I always start with the arms, legs, body then the head. Sometimes I eat to much. My mom said I’m a weird kid because I don’t put surup on my pancakes or my waffles. I like blueberrys in my pancakes 🥞 then I put the rest of the fruit and whip cream on but no surup. I don’t like surup because it’s to sticky and sweet. I tried it before I was running around the whole house because I kinda put to much I mean a lot. Do you see this pancake 🥞 imagine the whole bottle on that’s how much I put on it.

Well that’s my blog for the day.

Sol#21 Fun facts

10. I’m allergic to Mushrooms 🍄

9. I love ❤️ Jordans

8. I love football 🏈

7. I hate peaches 🍑

6. I broke my leg

5. I busted my chin

4. I love pancakes 🥞

3. This is my favorite emoji 😜

2. I love Fortnite

1. I love watching Paw Patrol 🐶 with my brother.

Sol#20 Spring 🌺

In spring you can do a lot you can plant flowers 🌹 that’s what my mom is trying to do right now. You can have barbecues. If it rains 🌧 you can go out and get sick I mean if you want to for my self I would do it. In spring school is fun you have track and field day, 5th grade fair well and usually we watch movies 🎥 on the last day of school. In the spring I believe Six Falgs  🎢 opens. My dad is post to buy bikes 🚲 for the whole family well not the whole whole family just me, mom and my brother well I said how bought we buy one of those things where we put him on in front of the bike. I didn’t know what to call so I call it seat 💺. The reason why I called it seat because he sits in it like a seat. Last summer I thought my older cousin how to ride a bike without training wheals even my little cousin. I learned how to ride a bike when I was 6  I could do a lot of tricks with my bike. Well there is a lot of birthday 🎁 presents I have to buy friends and family.

Well that’s my blog for the day.